My name is Kiara, but my friends call me “Kiki”. Now that we’re friends, you can call me Kiki too!


I was born into a military family in Aschaffenburg, Germany. My father was in the United Stated Army, and we did a bit of moving around a bit when I was much younger. When he retired, our family settled in North Carolina and we have been there ever since!


I love to LOVE! I love God. I love people. I love my snuggie. I love a good podcast. I love dancing to loud music. I love smiling. I love lame jokes. I love chocolate chip cookies. I love getting dressed up. I love The Wizard of Oz.

…I hate cats.


I kind of always knew that this was my purpose. I would create worlds and dream up new realities in my mind. I would learn the depths of another human’s heart and soul as I know my own. I would travel through space and time. And then I would share all of this with the world.

This is what I do. I am a storyteller. I will be a storyteller for the rest of my life. I have devoted every fiber of being to this.

Come along with me on this beautiful journey!